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Laser Pocket Disinfection

Laser Pocket Disinfection

To provide the best health results and the safest treatment of gum disease we utilize a laser that will selectively kill the bacteria that causes gum disease without hurting the healthy tissues around it. Laser Pocket Disinfection is done before your regular cleaning when we have discovered high levels of harmful bacteria and the resulting gum disease and inflammation caused by that bacteria during our exam.

When the gum disease is only affecting the upper layer of gum tissues (known as gingivitis) our hygienist can use the laser to eliminate the bacteria prior to your cleaning. Doing this before the cleaning helps prevent the aerosolization of bacteria during the cleaning process as well as prevents harmful bacteria from entering your bloodstream during the cleaning process. This also results in healthier tissues after the cleaning. If we find a deeper infection (more serve gum disease) then the doctor will discuss LANAP treatment.

This procedure does not require any numbing (no needles!) and takes about half the time of the cleaning itself. Patients usually feel some mild warmth as the laser vaporizes the bacteria and has little to no discomfort.

We encourage our patients to prevent worse conditions from developing by treating gum disease when it is found early and is still considered gingivitis with Laser Pocket Disinfection. This helps our patients stay as healthy as possible and avoid the added risk to their overall health as well as their oral health that comes from not treating gum disease early and completely.

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