Important Information Regarding Hygiene Appointments!

Important Information Regarding Hygiene Appointments!

To Our Patient Family,

As of right now your team at Arvada Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is doing our best to help get everyone caught up with their check up and cleaning appointments, but we are still about 3 months behind.

Dr. Zeitlin has brought on another hygienist, Jenna who will be helping out on select Fridays  through the summer and he is still looking to hire another hygienist so that we can give everyone the best opportunity to come in and get the care you need to maintain your dental health and avoid urgent, painful problems.

However, we have had a large number of patients fail to get in touch with us after confirmations of their hygiene appointments were sent out by text, email and phone messages, and many of those who did not confirm did not show up for their scheduled visits.

We understand that with the current COVID-19 situation there are many things that may distract or prevent you from getting the dental care you need to stay healthy and avoid urgent dental problems. And some of you may not yet feel ready to leave your homes, but rest assured that we have many new protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety in the office. However, if you still do not wish to keep your previously scheduled appointment please give your fellow patients the courtesy of calling or responding to the text/email confirmation requests to let us know that you are making the time available for them so that they can come in and maintain their dental health.

Because of the large number of you who have expressed your desire to come in ASAP, I will be implementing a new policy regarding appointment confirmations.

We will send you a confirmation of your appointment a week ahead of time by text and/or email to request your confirmation that you will be coming in. If we do not receive your response, confirming you wish to keep that appointment within 2 business days of it being sent to you we will call to confirm your appointment. If we still do not receive your confirmation that you will be coming in for your scheduled visit at least 3 days prior to the visit, we may open your appointment time up for another patient to use.

Please understand that as a team we are doing everything possible to enable you to get back on track with your dental health and avoid painful situations developing. During this time, while we are still able to treat routine needs, it is imperative that we help as many of our patients as possible get the care they require to stay healthy. Please make sure to keep your check up and cleaning appointments or let us know if we can offer it to another patient who is ready to come in.

We thank you for your cooperation in aiding us keep our patient family well cared for!

Dr. Zeitlin and the Team at AFC Dentistry