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During the COVID-19 crises, Dr. Zeitlin is available to help you solve your urgent dental concerns. Please select a new patient or existing patient link below.

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Bringing a caring, comfortable and complete dental experience to you and your family. At AFC Dentistry, we help all patients whether they require a simple cleaning or the most complex dental procedure. Likewise, we customize your experience to meet your individual needs and goals.

Our dental team serves Arvada, Broomfield, and Westminster, CO communities locally. In addition, we have patients that travel from other counties across Colorado and even from out of state to have us help them with their dental concerns. 

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Antioxidants have remarkable benefits and valuable properties for the maintenance of periodontal health and soft tissue wound healing. For instance, our new services will help speed up your healing process by providing super vitamin and mineral dietary supplements to boost important nutrients before and after dental surgery. In addition, these supplements apply a unique method of extraction and formulation to help relieve pain, decrease swelling and bruising, accelerate healing, reduce the need for opioids and promote wellness after your surgery.

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Dentist Arvada CO offers sedation services for any procedures or surgerys required

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Due to the lessened restrictions at this point in the pandemic and to avoid less effective diagnostics and wasting our patients time, we are currently only offering in person care.

Please call the office at (305) 586-2874 to schedule your appointment. If it is after hours and you have a true dental emergency, you can reach Dr. Zeitlin on his cell phone at (516) 712-4388.

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