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Amalgam Tattoo Removal

Amalgam Tattoo Removal

To get rid of the unsightly blueish/gray stain on your oral tissues that can be left by the old silver fillings corroding in your mouth we offer laser removal of these stains from your gum tissues. The treatment is a non-surgical option to eliminate these blemishes from your gums and can greatly enhance the cosmetics of your smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes an amalgam tattoo?

Amalgam fillings contain mercury, silver, tin, and copper, giving the filling its metallic color. The most frequent way that amalgam particles are introduced into the tissues is during the placement or removal of an amalgam filling. During extractions, pieces of the filling may accidentally fall into and lodge in the socket of the tooth. Amalgam may also be used in surgery performed after root canal therapy and this may show up around the surgical scar.

How do we know it's an amalgam tattoo?

We can usually make the diagnosis of an amalgam tattoo simply based on your dental history and the way it looks. Sometimes, a dental radiograph may show the metal particles if they are large enough. In rare cases, a biopsy may be necessary such as if the lesion appears suddenly, if it is not in the vicinity of a restored tooth, or if there has been a change in size, shape, or color.

How are they treated?

Amalgam tattoos don’t cause any health problems so they don’t require treatment. However, you may want to have it removed for cosmetic reasons. We can remove an amalgam tattoo using laser treatment. This involves using a laser to stimulate the skin cells in the area. Stimulating these cells helps to dislodge trapped amalgam particles. Following laser treatment, you’ll need to use a very soft toothbrush to stimulate new cell growth for a few weeks.

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