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Latest News: Why should routine dental care be completed during the COVID Pandemic?

Why routine dental care should be completed during the COVID Pandemic

Why routine dental care should be completed during the COVID Pandemic

I’d like to remind everyone about how Untreated Dental Disease Weakens Your Immune System, leaving you at risk for COVID! At Arvada Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we understand your concern about your health and safety during this pandemic. That is our number one concern too! We also know that untreated dental disease can weaken the body’s immune system, leaving you at higher risk for other disease including COVID. For your health and the safety of your loved ones, we strongly encourage you to maintain your routine dental care and keep your body’s immune system strong.

It’s very important that you know how COVID is impacting our delivery of your dental care now or in an emergency down the road. We are following the protocols put forth by the Centers for Disease Control, the American Dental Association and the State of Colorado and all OSHA guidelines to ensure you as our patient and our team are all safe. Your safety is our number one concern, which is why we’ve invested in additional equipment beyond what is required by federal, state and local authorities.

Our practice has stayed open throughout this pandemic and since the start of this year we have safely performed over 2800 procedures, with not a single case of COVID transmission in our practice. This zero level of transmission is a result of our commitment to your health and safety, along with the health and safety of every one in our community. We are very proud of how our team has performed, in continuously providing outstanding care in the safest way we can.

The scientific facts show that untreated dental disease leaves you at a higher risk for other disease, including COVID. Please take the necessary actions to safely maintain your health and avoid worse problems by scheduling your routine dental care while it is available. It’s in your best interest.

Our number is 303-422-0836, please call us if you have any questions.

Stay safe and be well!