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COVID-19 Update – June 24, 2022

COVID-19 Update – June 24, 2022

Update regarding office policies regarding mask use and canceling appointments due to illness.

To Our Patient Family,
As we come to the midway point of 2022, I would like to mention some recent changes we have made based on the guidelines of the CDC regarding masking.

We are no longer requiring patients to wear masks in the common areas of our facility, but we will have masks available for those who are at risk themselves and would be more comfortable wearing one.

We are still asking anyone who believes they are sick with COVID or any other illness that may be spread to others, to please not come in until after they are well again. If you have recently been sick with COVID or exposed by someone who you know to be COVID positive we are asking that you wait 14 days after the onset of your symptoms or exposure, and be without any symptoms for at least 24 hours before coming in. If you would like to come in sooner this is possible by providing us with a negative report from a PCR test (not a rapid test or home test). We are not offering testing at our facility because we are committed to keeping everyone who enters this facility as safe as possible.

As has been the case since even before the pandemic, if you cannot make your appointment due to illness our usual fees for canceling with less than 2 business days’ notice will be waived as long as you reschedule your appointment with us before the actual time of your originally scheduled appointment. But the more notice in advance you give us, the more we will be able to help other patients who are waiting for our help to get the care they need.

We are glad to say that we have still not yet had one case of covid transmission within our facility and ask your help to continue to keep it that way as well as prevent the spread of any illness by staying home when you are ill.

If the local health department or the CDC changes the guidelines in our area, we will update you as to further policy changes regarding mask use in our facility.

Be well and stay safe everyone!


Dr. David Zeitlin and your team at AFC Dentistry